Pine Rivers Area Home Renovations

Why Renovate?


You don’t need to be looking at a new build to hire Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction. We are excited to bring our expertise to your renovation and home extensions dreams, and welcome the opportunity to assist with all facets of the project you have in mind.

Getting the home you want isn’t always about new construction, particularly in Pine Rivers and Brisbane, where older homes are constantly being rejuvenated with a fresh, new look while still maintaining that historical elegance this area – and this city – is well known for.

Project Variety

  • Carpentry projects of every size and scope
  • House extensions
  • Room renovations
  • Pergolas, BBQ areas and fences
  • Luxurious kitchens and bathrooms


In these tough financial times, it’s also not necessarily feasible to complete a whole new build, or a knock down and rebuild construction.

As such, a lot of Pine Rivers homeowners and residents are looking to give their existing property a makeover through renovations and home extensions, to turn their fixer upper into something they can really be proud of.

Many would-be DIY aficionados mistakenly believe that renovating themselves will save them money, when often it ends up costing them more than it would have to hire a professional in the first place.

That’s why we offer affordable, reliable carpentry and construction renovations or home extensions that are guaranteed to stand the test of time, while still adhering to Queensland codes and regulations through our QBICC licencing.

Quick Turnarounds

As previously indicated, renovations and home extensions can be a drain on your time as well as your hip pocket. DIY jobs often hold you back and take a lot longer than originally anticipated, especially if you’re new at construction and don’t quite understand what you’re doing.

At Pine Rivers Construction and Carpentry, we remove that stress. Honesty and integrity are some of the core values by which we run our business – a business that has been successfully running for 20 years in the Pine Rivers area. So, when we provide you with a deadline for your renovation project to be completed by – whether it’s a new kitchen, bathroom or home extension – we aim to keep that promise time after time.

You won’t be waiting on our carpenters and builders to show up on the day they’re due to start, we’ll be there when we say we will and will get the job completed as efficiently as possible.

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We’re perfectionists, so approach all our construction and carpentry jobs – no matter how big or small with the professionalism and expertise that can be expected from a business that has been around for as long as we have.

Our builders and carpenters are certified with QBICC licencing requirements, understand the Queensland building code in and out, and have the knowhow and creativity to take on all your renovation dreams.