Pine Rivers Area Decks and Pergolas

Define Your Outdoors


If you are looking to install a new deck or pergola in your backyard or front yard, you cannot go past our team at Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction.

For 20 years, we have helped Pine Rivers residents and homeowners enhance their quality of living through boutique, customisable renovations and installations to their property that make the most out of the space they have within their home.

Year Round Living

In Queensland – and the Brisbane or Pine Rivers area especially – we’re blessed with good weather year-round. Unlike southern states, residents can enjoy the outdoors pretty much all year round, regardless of whether it’s sunny or a little chilly with those winter winds.

With the installation of a new deck and pergola such as those built and installed by Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction, you can truly make the most of outdoor living.

Your home can be transformed, by making use of outdoor facilities such as the pool area, veranda, or barbeque – making your backyard or front yard a real extension of your existing home and a place where you and your family can relax together.


One of the best things about installing a new veranda or pergola in your home – other than the fact that you can make use of all areas in your home all year round – is that most of our decks and pergolas are fully customisable to your specifications, wants and needs.

The pergola or deck we build will be fully built around your existing area, be it a pool, a shed or barbeque area. This means we’re fully open to including all your ideas into the design of your new outdoor space.


Our business is built on honesty, integrity, and professionalism. When you hire the deck and pergola installation team at Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction, you’re hiring professionals with 20 years of experience in the industry.

We complete all our work in adherence to Queensland building codes and regulations. All our tradespeople have QBICC certifications so you can rest assured that your new deck and pergola area will be built to the most professional standards, first time, every time.

Quality Materials

With all our carpentry and construction projects, not just new decks, and pergolas, we use only the best Australian made quality materials available in the industry. Our pergolas and decks will stand up to a variety of extreme weather conditions and are purpose built to withstand the volatile Queensland weather.

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Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance

When you’re installing a new deck or pergola, you want it to be as low maintenance as possible while you can still take advantage of that year-round outdoor living we’ve promised.

Our decks and pergolas are low maintenance and where possible, we install energy efficient materials, so your outdoor space stays cool in summer and warm in winter.


The best in life shouldn’t always cost the most. At Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction, we’re able to find pergola and deck solutions to suit your needs, regardless of the budget.

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