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Smaller changes like replacing window frames and doors in your existing property can be a great way to update your home without breaking the bank, and Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction has window frame and door designs to suit almost any taste and budget.

When considering renovating a home, homeowners often look at the bigger picture – they think of the hassle associated with living on a construction site, dust and mess. Gutting an old room and refitting it with something completely brand new.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a bit of a buzzword these days when we talk about renovation. With new doors and windows, it couldn’t be more appropriate. Whether you’re looking to stay in your home or hope to put it on the market and move to another property, curb appeal is important.

We’ve all seen those renovation shows on television where professional renovators and designers enter a family’s home and change the space – particularly the curb appeal – with new doors and windows.

This can be achieved by simply changing the existing doors and windows and help you achieve the look you want without resorting to the full-scale renovations and gut jobs would-be renovators dread.

Less Is More

Replacing the existing doors and window frames in your home is something both new and professional renovators keep coming back to when renovating a house because of the age-old phrase less is more.

And you can take that phrase two ways regarding window frame and door replacement. Doors and windows are the smaller features in a home, so can sometimes be overlooked in renovations – despite the impact they have on how new home buyers – or even existing homeowners – see their property.

There’s also the affordability factor – replacing doors and windows in your home is much cheaper than a full-scale renovation. You can achieve maximum impact for minimum financial outlay.

This makes replacing windows and doors in your home a financially friendly option when rejuvenating your property, regardless of your budget.

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Versatility and Range

One of the great things about the range of doors and windows we offer at Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction is how large and versatile it is.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old front door with something sleeker and more modern, with newer, cool looking features that give your home a freshly-built appearance, or you want to bring back the character of an older Brisbane home – with stained glass and classic fixtures, we can help.

At Pine Rivers Carpentry and Construction, our builders and designers have seen all the trends come and go. We pride ourselves on being able to keep our finger on the pulse of the market and have access to a variety of materials and products that will suit almost any taste.

Maybe your current door frame doesn’t meet standard door heights or need to source double doors instead of single doors. We have the product for you and offer you the best design advice to make even the quirkiest of spaces come to life.

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